Turning Social Media Into Sales

the newest and most effective ways to capitalize on all the new attention you’ll be getting when you commit to creating great content.


Right now, with things like email becoming less and less effective, and people being way more selective with who they choose to work with than ever before, it is so important to employ the strategies outlined in this guide.


We’re going to outline exactly how we “frame” our efforts to create the most engaging content possible, and to do so consistently.


Let's start off with the idea of Tactical Branding:


Tactical Branding
How Social Leads to Sales

The 3 strategic business goals of social media are to:


  • Build targeted audiences for  advertising and content distribution

  • “Retarget” interested prospects with your content

  • Make compelling offers that move the relationship forward


Your audience is your new prospect list.


A quick look at your prospecting statistics will reveal the bitter truth- most people who demonstrate interest by engaging in your advertising and social content will never become customers.


Even after they go out of their way to visit your website, they usually don’t come back.


You have 2 options to compensate for this:


  • Increase the amount of advertising and spending to increase your advertising reach

  • Increase the efficiency of sharing your message by building audiences of interested prospects

Modern digital marketing seeks to capture prospects into audiences based on intent. 


Retargeting prospects who previously engaged with your content or visited your website allows you to allocate a portion of your advertising dollars to showing advanced messaging to a warmer, interested group of prospects. 


“Warm” leads respond better to your messaging.

Positioning & Engagement via Social Media

It's hard to stand out and avoid "me too" advertising. The point of social media is to be “social.” Your goal is to present an authentic expression of yourself through your content.




  • Posting what’s exciting to you.

  • What you like, dislike, or are inspired by.

  • Who you’re with. Where you’re at. Why you did something. 


One of the most important things you can do is to not overthink your content!


The best performing videos we’ve created were spur of the moment, with very little preparation and almost no scripting.


People are drawn to good ideas, not perfection.

What makes your company different from other similar companies? Find ways to regularly highlight these through content.

  • Product differences

  • Distribution differences

  • Culture/personality


3 primary audiences to start cultivating right away:

  • Those who engage in your content

  • Those who have visited your website

  • Those targeted prospects selected through custom audiences (utilizing tracking cookies and pixels)

Without paid advertising, social media doesn’t produce results anymore.


The easiest way to appear as if your company is “everywhere” is to focus on building content on  1 or 2 platforms and utilize retargeting strategies for advertising.

Why Video? (it has nothing to do with preference)

While it is true that:


  • Video tends to have higher engagement

  • Video show your personality and allows for “story” better than other mediums

  • Video helps you stand out (because not everyone can do it well)


The biggest reason video is the best form of content is because it allows you to create specific audiences of people who watch (in a way standard posts do not).


It’s a level of “proof” of interest, and gives you an indicator of who would most likely engage with your offers.


Compete by Making Great Offers

Even a poor marketing strategy can succeed with a compelling offer. But what makes a great offer?


  • Easy to say yes/low levels of resistance

  • High quality

  • Unique to your business


There are a number of ways to deliver your offer that include free resources, fun contests, easy scheduling options, limited-time discounts, etc.


Also, timing matters!


Showing your offers to a prospect who have already demonstrated an interest in your product or service will always increase the likelihood of them saying yes.


(and since showing offers requires advertising dollars- make them all count!).

Tactics for Implementing the Framework
Specifically For Your Business:

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